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S&S Super G for sale – $150

Good used condition. The G is bigger than an E. Super G’s have an accelerator pump feature for easier starting. Included (but not pictured) is an S&S teardrop cover. No filter. These carbs are intended for higher displacement big twins and stroker motors. Not recommended for a sportster. Ask Questions. Make me an offer.

Hey Man Pan

Joe – a ham for the cam manages to pop up all over the chop web. I looked at a number of pics I got from Born Free, Full Tilt, and Davenport and somehow Joe is always floating in the background. Well its all for good cause cause Joe’s for real. He’s been hiding in the shadows for a year now working on the original “Hey Man! Pan”. Look for this thing next season. He’s killing it. Big plans to drive this thing to Cali and back Flying solo like a dog in the wind. I snagged this pic from Zac’s

Next year Minnesota is gonna be blowing up with all kinds of new shit. I think at least half the guys in the scene here are working on something new for next year. Spencer, Joe, Pete, Dave, Me, Chris and maybe Gator is he’s still hanging around.

Yamaha – Sold

Dude came by last night with cash. We loaded up the XS and it’s off to it’s new home in Iowa. Hopefully I’ll see that thing again sometime. Been a damn good bike to me but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. On to bigger and better builds.


Trashed Tire

Misjudged the length of a bolt mounting my rear fender and it finally caught up with me. Gouged a perfectly good tire. Stupid little mistakes = $$$. Serves me right for making the mistake. At least the tire didnt shred while riding.