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36 spoke spool hub for sale – SOLD

Spool Hub for sale. 36 spoke. Perfect for that xs650 or cb750 chopper. $50 shipped. HERE

For Sale – XS650 chopper bobber

For Sale – $2500 OBO. Located in St Paul MN. I have one too many projects going and need to free up some space and cash. I’m headed to Born Free and selling this bike will help make it happen in a big way. Built 2 years ago. Rode both seasons. Videos on Youtube here. Rebuilt motor over winter. Cam chain finally went out. Runs great now. New points, new rear fender and fender bracket. Many seasons of riding left if you treat it right.

UPDATE:Carb cleaning was done last night. Bike is 100% ready for the season. Ride her home.

Cash Money ONLY. No Trades. MN Title in hand. Contact info for info.

See that right there…?

That’s my booty look.

Two things were HUGE in 2010. Flannels and Xs650’s.

Two to Spare

RL came by last night and gave me a hand remounting the xs650 motor back in the bike. A quick process. We knocked out the timing, carbs, and wiring in about an hour and after some uneventful kicking, she eventually fired up for the first time since last September. Called it a done deal with two PBR’s to spare. I’ll revisit this thing in the spring to adjust the valves and timing and to mount a new rear fender but for now, this one is destine for storage.

xs650 Motor Rebuild – DONE

Another small win on the workbench. Just finished the xs650 motor rebuild. New cam chain on Sunday and I finished rebuilding and torquing down the head last night. Slapping it back into the frame later today and trying to move on to the next project as quick as I can. Gotta get the next one on the lift. Dreaming of warmer days. Tune in again. Garage features coming up soon on the chopper bog.