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Does the Pope wear a Funny Hat?

Been holding out for a warmer day so I could sneak out to the garage and knock out my popes hat sissy bar. Finally decided not to let the Minnesota weather get between me and my welding. Put the kid down for a nap and got to it. Just needs a little touch up with the grinder and the Yammy is out of here. If you’re looking for an XS650 chopper that runs like a rapped date – hit me up. Everything was gone over this winter and it will officially be for sale sometime in the next week or so. Check craigslist,, egay, etc, etc.

dig it.

Start ’em Young – Third Thursday

Last weeks 3rd Thursday was a really good time. Saw a bunch of folks I hadnt caught up with in months. Lots of great bikes out there. Rick on Davids fatboy xs650 chopper, Jordan on his recent build, and pictured below was Reinhart and his son. I met this dude a few months back, just after returning from my trip up north. He’s got a really nice CB750 cafe. He rode to 3rd Thursday with his son on back. It was his sons first cycle party and it looked like he was having a blast. Gotta start ’em young.

Saturdays Mods vs Rockers ride in Minneapolis 2010 – Video

Here’s a quick video I pieced together from a huge folder of shots I grabbed today at the Mods vs Rockers Ride in Minneapolis yesterday (June 5th – 2010). Lots of great stuff. Had a great time even though it rained like mad for almost the entire day. Soaked to the bone but had a chance to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Great bikes and scooters. Special thanks to BlueCat Motors for organizing the event. Met up at Grumpys. Pounded a couple Guinness and headed through the campus and down University Ave to the BC Motors lot for more bike and pretty ladies. Dig it. Check out our chopper blog for all sorts of midwest moto psycho culture, pics, video and parts. Extra thanks on the music provided by none other than the late great Doo Rag – “Bullhorn”

Speed Club Garage Pics

Sorry for the late post today. Had to visit the dentist. Call me 5 years old if you want to… but I HATE the dentist. Rusty at work. Threading rod for the forward control linkage on Eric’s xs650 chopper project. Things are really coming along. His shift and brake linkage is complete. We just need to space his back wheel, hook up the hydro brake line and check his charging system and he’s squared away for the rest of the summer. We’ll post more stuff to the chopper blogĀ  along the way. Check back.

XS650 Chopper ~ A Damn Good Start

The frame and tires are ready to go! This is what I call a good start. xs650 choppers and bobbers are definitely one of the easiest and most economic builds around. Granted, you can certainly turn them into a $4k hole in your wallet but at that price, why not rebuild some obscure BSA hill climber or something? This thing will be ripping through Minneapolis by the end of the week for sure. We’ll pst some more updates t the chopper blog this week.