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high on our own supply

Which means shit to all you west coasters but to the Midwest, we’re straight high on our own supply right now. Everyone’s brains are waking up and suddenly there’s a huge burst of energy and activity. Its both inspiring and oddly ambitious for a bunch of dirt bags who wouldn’t normally give a fuck anyway, right? Satan’s Dildo fired up on the second kick last week after sitting the entire winter. I’m thinking its the sign of a Wild Summer to come. Hell, I realized on Sunday that the long bike’s trans was all kinds of F’d up. I managed to pull it, rebuild it and reinstalled it by Monday night. I’ve got tons of positive vibes pouring out of my fingertips right now.

FOR SALE – 80″ Project

Up for sale in the Chopper Shack. 80″ bottom end. Running perfect when pulled and swapped for stroker motor. I pulled heads last week for something else. Cylinders/Pistons look like NEW. Hydro lifters. Old Jammer frame with custom rear axles (boxed in drag bike style). Very slight rake to neck. Seat, rigid oil tank, 35mm front end w/ good chrome, NEW Lowbrow P-nut tank. Good front tire, Junk rear tire for mock-up purposes. Now’s a great time to get started on that winter bike build. Here’s just what you need to get started. Make me an offer.

the LackLuster Express

Lackluster has some plans of his own this winter and he’s got all the right parts. You couldn’t pull Jordan away from this thing last night. Gotta love that red tractor paint on the springer. Dig it.

Have a Beer.

Busy with some stuff these days. Got a couple projects bouncing around. Working on assembling the Chopper Shack. The gloom of winter is setting in. Im trying to get things lined up for me and mine but Ive got some posts coming soon so relax, have a beer, stay tuned.

Stay Tuned

Well, winter is fast approaching which means it’s time to build, or in some cases “rebuild.” I’ve got a couple things I want to roll out if the gate first thing next spring so stay tuned.