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Born Free – take 4

Born Free is a rad show put on by rad people with nothing but good intentions. Its an inevitable who’s-who of chopper aficionados wandering through a sea of lovers, haters and appreciators. Let’s not forget, there’s a bike given away too. How cool is that? As the show approaches, Im thinking more and more about the trip, making new friends and everything else that falls into the spirit of the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong… it would be wild to win a bike but it’s really such tiny part of a much larger plan. The longer Ive known folks like Harpoon, Grant and (locally) my HEAVY neighbors, the more I realize that we’re all one great big Speedmaster spinnin’ down the same highway. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in California.

pic courtesy of MCart.

Making Chopper Bars

Look closely at old chopper bars. The crazy wild two-piece ones are usually a set of apes or bull horns that have been flipped, cut, mildly bent or hacked. That’s what I’m doing and shit is looking right on time. Dig it. Measure, cut, slug em, tap & mount, measure again and add a cross member or two for good measure. Some dude online is asking 120 bucks for bars just like these.

Total cost… $20 + chrome.
Satisfaction of making em myself… priceless.

Down the Chopper Blog Road

Howdy All- We’ve got some new ideas that we’re gonna introduce down the chopper blog road. Something special straight out of the wild Midwest. Something completely back to basics. A long time in the making and it’s gonna be killer. Stay tuned and we promise we’ll unveil soon.

Suzuki Gamma Sighting in North America

I was up in Duluth over the 4th. Drinking Beer and riding around on the Jetski; it was a very laid back weekend. Somewhere along the way someone asked me, “wanna check out my little project?” Sure, I said. And there in a garage sitting up on a lift was a very, very rare 1985 Suzuki Gamma. These things are a mid 80’s 500cc Dual Twin 2-stroke powered scream machine. The motor is actually 2 sets of twin cylinders piggy backed together. A very unusual design to say the least. Even more crazy is the wild expansion chamber pipes coming out of all sides of the block. Note the super cool “Gamma” symbol molded on the frame from the factory. There are only about 800-1000 of these across the US and I can now say that I’ve seen it…

Whisper with me now…”great white buffalo.