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Parts for sale!

Well, I finally got around to posting a few items in the store last night. I mainly posted some good stuff but I do still have tons of misc odds and ends crap for your chopper project too. Here’s a quick list of some of the random stuff I can pull out of a box and sell you if you need it. Wheels, Drag tires, Bars, front ends, Oil pumps, Helmets, Shirts, Vintage HD leather, Cables, Flywheel, Tanks, Fenders, Primaries, Heads, Pistons, carbs, Headlights, Oil Tanks, whatever. Just email me and Ill follow up with price and availability. Over and Out.

Invader Wheels

Anyone looking for Invader Wheels? I know a dude. Tires are in great shape. Definitely another season or two left on them. Wheels have a little rust here and there but could probably clean up. The front is 21″ and the rear is a 15″. The front wheel needs a new hub but you can probably scoop one up at a swap or via Halcraft. Email me if interested and I’ll get you in touch. Front end is SOLD.

Another Killer Swap

You know you’re in for a treat when you pull into the swap parking lot and two dudes are carrying out 6ft of vintage springer together. Invader wheels, trike frames, old school king/queen seats with good leather, hardtails, and even a pretty good triumph presence to boot. Looks like all the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain will have lots of wonderful things to play with. Hooray! Thanks as always to Gringo and Mickey for putting it all together. Dig it.

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Moto Psycho Swap Meet – This Sunday!

Gringo and Mickey’s Moto Psych Swap Meet is back at the St. Paul Armory on March 14th.

There was a lot of great stuff out there last time including the dude from LifeisFuct with a bunch of merch. Inner primary, spoke wheels, jet kits, drag pipes, helmets, leather, you name it… It’s there. Speed Club was also in attendance. We got rid of a bunch of stuff from the garage including an awesome cafe headlight and tail section from an old cafe Sportster. That’s right… Midwest cycle freaks be there.

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