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Get Lost

I just wanna get lost for a few days. Is that really too much to ask for? This MN weather is killin’ me right now.

Thursday Night at the Temple

the Temple on Thursday nights is always a good time. Everyone in good spirits despite the shit MN weather. Lots of really really cool projects and custom fab parts too. The Minnesota scene is taking over.

Indiana Bound

ON my way to Indiana for some big bike show/swap meet. Hoping to swoop in and find some goodies to bring back. This bummer weather had me diggin’ through some shots of this past summer. Here’s one of my boy Sonny on New Kevins Dream Machine. This shot looks a little like some kind of chopper cult commune with a handful of little kiddos running around, kickin up dirt. Summer… come back soon… I miss you already.

Jordans XS

Scanning through some pics from last June. Found this one from a little get together at BlueCat. Jordan from Union Speed on his XS. Pretty sure this thing is sporting different sheet metal now. When the weather is good, this thing is his daily driver. Check him out at


Blue Skies for CHOPOUT?

Dreaming of blue skies and sunshine all the way. Weather is looking touchy this weekend though. If we get rained out, CHOPOUT will be postponed (in case anyone was wondering). I’m just not gonna make my last overnight end-of-season ride be a cold, wet, miserable, pisser. Either way – Breakfast at Mannings is still on. Be there any time. Ready to leave by 10:30.