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Scooter Trash Last Satruday

Me Pete and Reinhart road out to the Scooter Trash show last Saturday. No kidding – it was 36 degrees when I woke up that morning. Made for a chilly ride but the sun was shining and a good time was had by all. Reinhart got this pic of Me and Pete bullshitting at a light somewhere. I did manage to get some half assed video of Pete and Reinhart riding down 13 which Im editing now. The show was cool. Nothin epic to report. I hung back behind the Union Speed booth with Jordan. Thanks for the pic Reinhart.

The Official, Unofficial Full Tilt Video!

Been a hot minute since the last blog post. I’ve been swamped at the shop or just plain busy/lazy at times. Well apparently all my sitting around doing nothing has resulted in a sweet little video presented here. Download it, share it, whatever. This is a quick video review from the first Full Tilt Chopper Show. I anticipate a number of these shows to come but there will never be anything quite like the first. The show itself was on Sunday but the party went on for maybe 3-4 days straight. Sun up to sun down, choppers, friends, partying, BBQ, and the like. The video really doesnt capture everything by a long shot but it should hopefully give you an idea of what was missed by anyone who decided not to attend. Enjoy!

Full Tilt Chopper Show from Brian Durk on Vimeo.

Full Tilt Video – Coming Soon!

Almost ready to roll it out. Still needs another couple days to get everything just right. Everything is looking amazing. Check back soon to check it out! Much appreciation to Heavy, FMA, Death Science, Eternal Combustion, 7the Street tattoo Union Speed and every other vendor/ participant that made it out! Support your local chopper blogs. Dig it.

Congrats Spencer & Pre-Tilt Party

Spencer has been hard at work all week trying to get his little Triumph rocking. After much frustration and late nights… she’s alive and actually ridable. It was a little touch and go there for a while but he managed to squeak the bike past the finish line early this evening. Check him out today at Full Tilt. Where exactly is full tilt at? Great questions. Victoria and Jefferson intersection in St Paul right next to Tav on the Ave. Be there. This will be Epic.

On a side note. It’s 1am and I’m at the shop downloading video and pics from the Pre-Tilt party. Steve lent me a really sweet Rode mic for my camera. Making me look all for serious and what not. Harpoon and Grant (Born Free/FMA) are here, Josh Kurpius and the Death Science crew made it, Eternal combustion is here along with a whole lot of other folks too. The show is all on the up and up. This thing will be quite the gathering.

Heard about Hopper Mag?

Every now and again I cruise on over to to check out the work these guys are doing. They do a great job of feeding the chop culture with all sorts of high quality video production and we highly recommend everyone heading over there right now to check out exactly what I’m talking about. That said, they are particular about how their media is presented. Because I work on an “ask for forgiveness not permission” policy, I apologize in advance for what I have done. I boosted a couple videos from their site to post here and share. Sorry Hoppermag. I know this isnt what you intended but look at the bright side. I’ve linked to your site like 3 times in this post already! Sharing is caring!

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