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Faraway Places


It’s been a long road. First working solo in my garage. Then being part of a group of guys sharing a communal space. These days I’m finding my stride of creativity exists somewhere between the two places. Im in my own shop now. I’ve found a great balance of creativity and productivity. I’m right next door to my buddies which allows me to occasionally socialize yet I can always lock the door and tune the world out as needed. If you’re in the twin cities and need new or used parts or service, give a call.

S P E E D C L U B | 651-968-0263

the Used Parts Biz

So it looks like Speed Club is now in the used parts biz! I managed to scoop up some items here and there and am now finally starting to list everything in the shop (Chopper Shack). The plan is to list at least 2 new items each week on the site and in the cart. With the swap season coming up, Im hoping to move a lot of the stuff Im posting so get it while it lasts! In other news; Speed Club is now syndicated on Chop Cult. Had to do some quick code bullshit to output my wordpress site to blogger, then to CC, blah, blah, blah. Also, I obviously gave the site a new skin and we will soon be doing away with the forum and replacing it with a simple events calendar. If anyone out there has a suggestion, please send it. Now that the snow is here, I finally have time to clean a little house. Im working on a new shirt or two and some stickers. Lastly, Im hoping to do some collaborating with some friends this winter. As always, stay tuned.

Next time you need a part, email me first. If I got it, its for sale.

Swap Meet Grabs

Got up early and dragged myself out to the Swap in Anoka. They opened the doors a little early and I slipped in with the old heads. Scored some cheap necessities and I think I found a good local used parts friend in one of the vendors. Picked up a complete midset pegs/ brake pedal set up and a polished open-primary alternator cover for $20 bucks. I even rummaged up a a little chromed front air scoop (Drag style). Maybe it will end up on the shovelhead project but that remains to be seen. It’s still early. If you were on the fence about going… go. Still some good stuff on the tables when I left.

chop swap