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Thursday Night at the Temple

the Temple on Thursday nights is always a good time. Everyone in good spirits despite the shit MN weather. Lots of really really cool projects and custom fab parts too. The Minnesota scene is taking over.

Specially Made for…

Jordan – at Union Speed. Letterpress production tags.

Scooter Trash Last Satruday

Me Pete and Reinhart road out to the Scooter Trash show last Saturday. No kidding – it was 36 degrees when I woke up that morning. Made for a chilly ride but the sun was shining and a good time was had by all. Reinhart got this pic of Me and Pete bullshitting at a light somewhere. I did manage to get some half assed video of Pete and Reinhart riding down 13 which Im editing now. The show was cool. Nothin epic to report. I hung back behind the Union Speed booth with Jordan. Thanks for the pic Reinhart.

Full Tilt Video – Coming Soon!

Almost ready to roll it out. Still needs another couple days to get everything just right. Everything is looking amazing. Check back soon to check it out! Much appreciation to Heavy, FMA, Death Science, Eternal Combustion, 7the Street tattoo Union Speed and every other vendor/ participant that made it out! Support your local chopper blogs. Dig it.

Union Speed

Taking the Funk Stick over to Jordan at Union Speed this week. We’ve got plans for a potentially brand new Speed Club product. Jordan is the man when it comes to pretty much any hand fabrication. Dude is young and he’s got serious skills. Midwest do it best. We’ll try to do a garage feature on Union Speed sometime here very soon. Stay tuned.

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