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And the lord spoke…

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Getting close?

Yeah – me neither. Seems like everyone out here is working on at least one project if not two. I just checked the Donnie Smith Show site and that at least give me some kind of deadline. 52 days to get my act together. TO DO: Tonight Im getting up with New Kevin to bend up a sissy bar and finish weld my bars. A new wheel arrives tomorrow (Ive got the tire and tube sitting on a shelf). Im also making some crazy super-pipes and I have to rebuild a set of heads and rockers. After that, I can make some wheel spacers, mount my fender and piece everything together before stripping down for paint and chrome. Okay – so apparently Ive got some work to do.

Candid Moment ~

Zac Doom & Diamond Dave get bars straightened out. Zac’s bike in a constant state of growth. I snapped this months ago and stumbled across it today. These two are a couple of real cool creeps.


Big Wheeler Trip Weekend – coming up

About two to three times a season, me and a few others head up to good old Hayward WI for miles and miles of trails on the ATV’s. This year I’ve got Blue which is a much nicer ride than my last years whip. I’m planning on putting on some miles as long as the weather is good. Last season ended with me standing in a crapper stall barefoot as I rung out my socks over a toilet. Weather was about as cold as it could be and I think it was even snowing in some areas. We’ll probably hit up  the LCO and even drop by the Hayward Ballet (Phipps Tavern) for a little light evening entertainment. Pics to come.

Two Things That I Love

Two things I love… Bikes and Cars! There’s a guy down my street with a 1950 Chevy coupe. It’s one of those un-restored gem kinda cars. Granted, it sits outside all winter while the tires slowly deflate but come summer, the kid always manages to fire the beast back up for the typical Friday night cruise past Porky’s on University Ave. Anyways, this pic kinda reminds me of the neighbors whip.

I  wouldn’t kick it out of the garage or anything but chrome Triumph’s are a clean freaks nightmare!