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A gift to Reinhart from the legendary Steve Hamel. Original Triumph parts engine pressure/vacuum test gauge set. Very Very nice good working used equipment to take Reinhart’s engine work to the next level. A true Hooligan if there ever were.


Jordan scored an amazing Triumph for his lady love Heather. The three of us went Lording through St Paul last night. Thanks for the sweet pic, Heather.


A German Triumph

Reinhart is a good friend of mine out here in MN. Originally from Germany, dude is obsessed with motorcycles in a very scary way. He put this triumph together last year with Born Free as his goal. He spent a lot of nights after work in the Speed Club garage finishing the work on his bike. I just stood around drinking Pabst and taking pics. Thanks to the Pabst, I completely forgot that I even took pics.

Canadaian Trip

This is a pic I found of my buddies bike from Canada. He and some friends cruised all the way down to Born Free 3 last year only to win one of the Triumph categories. I think the category was “most freaked out triumph” or some shit? Not seen in this pic is a human nose grafted into the rear lower axle plate. This thing is powered by a little T100R Daytona motor (500cc). This dude and his friends really stood out to me as representing the spirit of the whole Born Free show. Gotta give em a lot of love. I think his name was Michael but Im almost definitely wrong. See you next year man! (pic lifted from Chop Cult)

Shelly’s Ass…

contributing to Born Free. I was cruising through the chop cult site last night. I noticed an add at the top for the next Born Free and whose ass do I see??? Shelly’s. I’d recognize Shelly’s ass and that clean triumph anywhere. Fist bumps to Shelly! Happy Halloween.