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More Lemonade

Been a lag in posts over the last week. Ive been balls deep in repairs and finishing the garage. Hopped in the truck last Saturday, put it in drive, hit the gas and she just sat there. Transmission took a shit on me so once again, Im making lemonade. Most of my recent focus has been on turning this…

into this…

Figure if Im gonna fix it, Im gonna step it up. That said, buy a shirt, I could use the extra cash.

Winter Projects – Shovelhead Transmission

Well… I’m all set with my winter projects. I just got a 4 speed ratchet top transmission for my shovelhead project. I picked it up as a cheapo rebuild. Original owner tore it down and couldnt put it back together (DUH). It got passed on to NE Rick on a trade and it sat at Ricks until I reminded him that he had it. Sweet deal. Ricks a cool fella. Lots of knowledge and Mountain Dew. Trans looks complete aside from a single missing o-ring. A few cents and a few hours to set it all back up and she’ll be ready to run.

Contact me if you have any of the following for sale. I’m interested in almost anything and we’re still a ways out from any Gringo and Mickeys action.

– Complete 3 finger clutch basket
– Any frames (regardless of condition)
– Cheap Velocity Stack style air cleaner
– Alternator
– Point or Electric Ignition

WANTED ~ Working 4 Speed Ratchet Top

Title says it all. WANTED ~ 4 Speed Ratchet Top. Got a shovelhead project in need of a known good working Harley 4 spd ratchet top transmission (Nothing against you cowpie guys). Email a photo – name your price – lets make a deal. Prefer local.

Swap Meet Pics ~ Donnie Smith 2010

Here are a few more pics for the chopper blog from the Donnie Smith Swap Meet.