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Picture me Rollin’

Finally got the balls to take that damn long bike out on the town last night. New Kevin did me a solid and got this sweet clip of me straight hoodie ninja’d out, making my way home. This is the first time I’ve really ventured out of my neighborhood on this thing. Once I got rolling, I was out of my dome in love with this thing. So here it is: Ebony Queen officially on the scene.

2 Wheel Turkeys

Quite the weekend. Had all my family in town from out east. In 24 hours, my brothers and I hammered through a couple cases of beer, got tossed out of a strip club, ate a turkey, wheelied my mini bike, met some Vikings Cheerleaders and squeezed in a little trap shooting. I think i might have broke my foot this morning too. We did it all. Here are a few pics from the weekend.




Out of Town

Gotta love the Bub. I’m out of town for the week. 700 glorious miles along the river. Scored the old school mx helmet from Drunkle Evan. Snapped the bubble shield on for good measure. I’m straight travelin’ through time now!


Do You Know Kung Fu?

June 11th. Be there. I’m stuck at home with the folks arriving from out of town. Talk about bad timing. Someone bring me back a shirt and a warm PBR.

Calm ya Liva! ~ Speed Club is Going to Boston!

That’s right. We got some business and pints to tend to out in Bean town. Packin our bags and hoppin’ a plane to spread the midwest moto love. If there’s one thing I can say for sure after living the for so many years it’s this; Boston is such a great place to visit but I wouldnt want to live there. Truth be told, Boz-stone is the home of the biggest bunch of cop pricks I’ve ever encountered. I got stories of being followed, spit on, and stepped on. I got ticketed more times in one year than I’ve ever received in my entire life!

All that said – Take it from a big stinkin’ Irish f*ck like myself. Boston IS the greatest place on earth to get bombed. Any of you Boston readers want to sell me some parts, shoot me an email and we’ll try to connect.

Pics will be posted to the chopper blog.