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Progress… kinda???

New tire. Random chrome. A bung king order. Sissy bar mounting tabs a nice set of fluted pipe tips. It’s not exactly ready to ride but I’m gettin closer. Swap this weekend and next and I should be set to button this thing up. Shirt orders are on their way. Stickers are in the mail. New shirt design coming shortly too.





Everyones runnin’ P-nut tanks

…And for good reason! Here’s a pic of a Wassell next to a new P-Nut tank I got from Lowbrow a while back. The Lowbrow tank is really something. It’s spot on, well made, and an ideal swap out for that narrow sporty tank look.  The only complaint I have is the damn brit style cap. I gotta admit, wish they’d made it with the standard HD cam-style filler neck. Fuck it, the tank is tits. I highly recommend them.

Indiana Bound

ON my way to Indiana for some big bike show/swap meet. Hoping to swoop in and find some goodies to bring back. This bummer weather had me diggin’ through some shots of this past summer. Here’s one of my boy Sonny on New Kevins Dream Machine. This shot looks a little like some kind of chopper cult commune with a handful of little kiddos running around, kickin up dirt. Summer… come back soon… I miss you already.

Can’t Stop the Swap

It’s was a sh*t day all Sunday but you can’t stop the swap. I did get rid of all my little junk parts but as usual, I spent more than I made. Who cares. I’m not in it to turn a buck – I’m just doin it till my adult film career takes off.


Scored a Super E with new filter and tear drop cover. I also got a cool H1 drag rear wheel. I mostly just wanted the 18″ rim but the drag slick will have a permanent place on my wall of cool. Maybe I’ll post a pic of it here shortly.


The Roll

600 Miles coming up this weekend in northern MN and WI. I’m cruising around with my bro-in-law and his buddies. They’re totally bagged out, Fuel injected, and are even rocking satellite radio and what not. There’s no way Im running at the front of the pack but hey… maybe they’ll carry my tools!

The motor is running good. Just put a little Loctite on a few bolts. Remounted the coil. Still need to swap belt drives and adjust shift linkage but that maybe 30 minutes. Im still missing a spare belt, points/condensor, instant coffee, and a cell charger but thats all last minute stuff anyway. Here’s the roll. Everything I think I’ll need with some random stuff mixed in. Hopefully all goes well cause I’ve got another 700 miles coming up in a couple more weeks. That shit is for later though.

Check back often. I’ll post what I can when I can. Guaranteed 100% original. Buy a shirt. Help support 2-wheel needs.