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Haven’t you heard?

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SPEEDCLUB is back and we’re bringing that A-game! The new packaging for the SUPER/SHIFTER is finished.
2-color screen printed indestructo boxes complete with stickers and shit.
“You want the Best – You got the Best!”

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And the lord spoke…

An original SPEEDCLUB product
available online at SPEEDCLUBINC.COM

Where’s Waldo?

This years Born Free sponsor list is HUGE. The logo sheet looks like a damn where’s waldo search. Regardless, it’s nice to see our name listed up there with a lot of super rad folks. Much love from Speed Club.

You’re Steppin’ on My Dick

F*ck it. I cant take it anymore. I’m blowin’ the whistle here. What the hell is with all the fashionista, bullshit popping up on every ones cycle blogs lately? Seriously. I don’t give a rats left nut about someones super sweet vintage jeans, denim shirt, doo rags, boots, sunglasses, or what the shit ever else! It’s real simple see. NO FASHION SPREADS ALLOWED on MC SITES! All you’re doing is feeding into a littleĀ  thing called commercialization. In essence, you’re diluting what could continue to be a great cycle culture.

Okay ~ Okay – I completely understand and respect the necessity of selling personal swag like T’s and Caps in order to fund your personal adventures but when you’re pushing Lucky Brand shit simply because it’s geared towards a motorcyclist market, you’re just plain fuckin’ up son. I’d rather go naked than drop a beaner ($100) on a pair of jeans.

As for sites like Biltwell or Lowbrow… these sites are primarily retail first, and a blog second. They get a free pass cause in most cases they actually produce (or import) what they’re selling. In fact, these sites get a gold star because they’ve effectively tricked sites like ours into being part of a fuct pyramid scheme. I do get parts for personal projects at wholesale though so I guess it aint all that bad, right?

Understand me here. I’m not the fashion police by any means. But I can’t be the only one out there seeing this bullshit. Scratching my head saying “what-the-fuck?” The fact remains. I’ll will undoubtedly spend every dime I ever make from this site on the necessities of my future adventures. I will NOT get rich and I will NOT be famous. I will however let you know when you’re steppin’ on my dick.

I don’t need to name – names cause you know who you are and you know what you did.

Junk Motor – Tom Hayashi – HopperMag

Got turned on to HopperMag through Zac over at Heavy. From there – I found this great article about Tom Hayashi and Junk Motor in Japan. This dude is a cool, calm collector of fine HD artifacts. He quietly pedals his stuff over the internet and hangs out in a tiny little bedroom of a shop. Seriously, this dudes spread looks like a super secret clubhouse. Anyway, there’s a really cool video worth checking out. I talked to the guys at HopperMag to see if they’d open up the Vimeo for sharing but for sake of article continuity, you gotta go check ’em out to get the whole story. The Hopper Mag gang is doing some really cool treasure hunting. They’re actually getting off there asses and going out to capture the scene first hand. Expect big things from them.

~ Speed Club Approved.