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Wyoming – Summer of 2014




I make it a point every summer to squeeze in one big trip which usually goes on for close to half a month. I rode out to wyoming with my buddy Eric last summer. We rode all day and soaked up the sun. We slept on the side of bars, out behind a car wash or waysides, windy nights along the grasslands and we even took up with the tourists and squatted a spot out in Yellowstone. It was fucking rad. I just found a few pics today.

Indiana Bound

ON my way to Indiana for some big bike show/swap meet. Hoping to swoop in and find some goodies to bring back. This bummer weather had me diggin’ through some shots of this past summer. Here’s one of my boy Sonny on New Kevins Dream Machine. This shot looks a little like some kind of chopper cult commune with a handful of little kiddos running around, kickin up dirt. Summer… come back soon… I miss you already.

I suck at posting stuff… I admit

Reinhart says I suck at posting stuff. He’s probably right. Screw it. I’m just busy right now man. Its summer. Im on the bike, camping, partying or working. That’s it. I’ll have time for typing when the snow falls again. In the mean time, visit my motorcycle classifieds. Put it to use. Its free and we get enough visitors that it should definitely be worth the effort. Dig it.

Welcome to Summer

I’m running around like a mad man these days. Getting ready for both the Bearded Lady and Full Tilt. My bike is at Jordan’s shop getting some fab magic. New shirts are supposed to be ready today. The heat has finally let up. Friends visited last weekend and work is work. Last night I needed to find myself so I sat on a stool in front of that damn Vespa till midnight. Zen is working in the garage.


Dreamin’ of Summer – A Day at the Races

Speed Club’s day at the Races lat summer. Everybody was out there to witness some good old fashioned flat track racing. The sun started to set and the racers rolled out the bikes to run out a few exhibition laps. I’ll definitely be back next year to catch up with the AMA stuff but right now my mind is all caught up new builds and upcoming bike trips.