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Ebony Queen

Shit is cold out here in MN these days. Been busy working on the EBONY QUEEN. Listening to a lot of Pussy Galore. Just got my slot in the Donnie Smith show so definitely come out and have a look see for yourself. Im hoping to bring a little California style presentation to the midwest. Its funny – last year, I walked outta the Donnie Smith show rolling a girder and wheel out he door. This year, Im rolling that shit right back in.

Everyones runnin’ P-nut tanks

…And for good reason! Here’s a pic of a Wassell next to a new P-Nut tank I got from Lowbrow a while back. The Lowbrow tank is really something. It’s spot on, well made, and an ideal swap out for that narrow sporty tank look.  The only complaint I have is the damn brit style cap. I gotta admit, wish they’d made it with the standard HD cam-style filler neck. Fuck it, the tank is tits. I highly recommend them.

A Texas Style Trip

On our way back from Born Free last year, we made a number of stops at some long forgotten holes in the wall. This one in particular sticks out. We made a few calls while traveling through Texas. A lot of the bike junkyards had long since closed but one guy gave us a lead on someone. He said “yeah, call Dan… He’s got an old grocery store full of stuff.” Low and behold, He truly did have a grocery store full of parts. We met up with Dan and his buddy Mustang. After they sniffed us out to make sure we weren’t trouble, they let us dig through anything and everything. Jordan scored big. Old pan trans case among some other stuff. I just grabbed whatever looked shinny. The whole time, Dan is sitting out front on a lawn chair pick ticks off his dog. It was surreal. It crazy to remember that we went from standing in the middle of Born Free 3 to a grocery store in Texas full of HD parts in less than 24 hours. There is a second half of this story better left untold for now but… I realized this morning as I glanced at some of the parts I got from Dan, that I never posted any of the pics. Enjoy.

Show Class Party – this weekend

I cant say I know all parties involved on the Show Class scene. But, from the folks I do know. The magazine, concept, and style are definitely on the level. Check ’em out. Subscribe. Dig it.

Jordans XS

Scanning through some pics from last June. Found this one from a little get together at BlueCat. Jordan from Union Speed on his XS. Pretty sure this thing is sporting different sheet metal now. When the weather is good, this thing is his daily driver. Check him out at