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Built it last winter. Painted it about 2 months ago. Rode is 2500 miles across Oregon, California, Washington and the rest of the pacific north west. Now it’s for sale. I can’t keep em all and I have some other things I’d like to do next so have a look and contact me if you’re interested.

1980 Harley Shovelhead with a 96″ stroker motor. Motor was built last year complete with balance sheet and receipts for proof. Harley cases and heads but the wheels are T&O and the pistons/rods are S&S. Brand new Joe Hunt magneto. Super E carb. It’s in a 70’s swingarm frame with a 39mm front end and disc brake. The bike is a monster and it’s titled in my name. If you want a harley that can run all day and will hang in there for years, this is the one.

Bike is located in Minnesota. Ride it home. I’m asking $6800 or I’d trade for a very very complete Panhead project. Many thanks –


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93″ of LOVE – PART 1

There are a lot of ways to build up a good shovel. I’ve had 74s and 80s but Im now working on a fresh 93″. The wheels, cylinders, cam, and pistons will kill you if you don’t try and shop smart. Retail, Sidewinder kits are gonna beat you over the head at anything from $1500-$2000. Lots of good things can be said for S&S products but that’s not really the point of this series. The point is to look at some math and figure out how to go the distance without going broke.


Here’s a pic of my pile of parts to build up my 93″ motor. Stock cases and heads will work just fine with a little trim and shim work. A set of used T&O wheels are at the heart and soul of this thing. If you haven’t looked into it here’s the deal with T&O. T&O stuff is killer and they’ve been around since the beginning. They’re experience and knowledge are in their products and the prices are very reasonable.

That said, these wheels were used and I paid used price. They need to be checked carefully and rebalanced but overall, they are in great condition. After a chat with some guys at T&O, I decided I’d go with new Vtwin Cylinders to save some cash over the name brand stuff. The money I saved on the cylinders I turned around and dumped on some really nice forged S&S pistons.

All the stroker parts are present and accounted for. The other parts like the cone, rockers, lifters, oil pump, etc are all on a shelf as well but those are stock parts that anyone can find in abundance. I’ll post more pics as the motor comes together.



Minnesotas Local Distributor

I’ve never been good at the “new” parts biz. I’ve always been more of a junk man myself. That said, I am trying to make more effort. No doubt you can get Lowbrow and Biltwell parts online from the comfort of your couch but if you’re a Minnesota local and you want to order your parts local, stop by, give a call or contact us online here.  Speed Club is an authorized dealer of Biltwell, Lowbrow and S&S parts with more to come.

S&S Super G for sale – $150

Good used condition. The G is bigger than an E. Super G’s have an accelerator pump feature for easier starting. Included (but not pictured) is an S&S teardrop cover. No filter. These carbs are intended for higher displacement big twins and stroker motors. Not recommended for a sportster. Ask Questions. Make me an offer.

Brian’s Shovel

Finally got my shovel! Cant believe the day finally came. Once I get done ripping that spike and skull crap off, I think she’ll do just fine. It was covered in garage dust the first time I saw it. Didnt realize until now but she’s got a Hi-4, chrome trans case, S&S Shorty E, and a hand full of other chrome extras that will likely get re-purposed for the build. I gotta say, I’m loving it. Did I mention the plate number is 666? Yeah – for real. I thought I was reading it wrong or some shit. Crazy!

Here’s a pic. I threw a spare wassell tank and solo seat on it. I also swapped over to a different bar for mock up purpose. I got plans to make this thing my Born Free Funky Stick! – Dig it.