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the LackLuster Express

Lackluster has some plans of his own this winter and he’s got all the right parts. You couldn’t pull Jordan away from this thing last night. Gotta love that red tractor paint on the springer. Dig it.

Z-Bars Ruling the Nation

Found this pic a while back. I was never the biggest fan of Z-bars until I saw this sweet machine. I’m digging it but I think its gotta be the z-bar & springer combo that really kills it. NOTE: I’ve regretfully decided not to post a pic of my z-bars cause they’re looking like ass on my shovel. chopper blog.

Another Killer Swap

You know you’re in for a treat when you pull into the swap parking lot and two dudes are carrying out 6ft of vintage springer together. Invader wheels, trike frames, old school king/queen seats with good leather, hardtails, and even a pretty good triumph presence to boot. Looks like all the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain will have lots of wonderful things to play with. Hooray! Thanks as always to Gringo and Mickey for putting it all together. Dig it.

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Drag Bikes from the Past – Mor’-Xpense!

Here’s a few pics of stretch with his harley drag bike out at lions raceway from way back when. This thing has it all. Great lines, nothing to hold on to and a face only a mother could love! These pics are great too. Lots of detail including the rad custom tank, school bell air filter cover, finned case, and that springer front end! Love those bobber style race bikes! Speed club approved!