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Let the Work Begin!



Man, it’s not even winter and it looks like lots of folks are already attacking the motor work with the intensity of a thousand suns. I started my shovel rebuild a couple days ago. The jugs are .060 over making my 74″ motor roughly an 80″ motor when complete. Flywheel assembly turned out to be a pile of sh*t but that was all sorted out with Gators help. The bottom end should be done in about a week (The heads are another story.)

Spencer’s Triumph is already under way. Damn – I’m rooting for that guy. He’s got some serious heart. All said and done, he’ll be the triumph man by the time he comes out the other side.

Everyone get ready for that long, hard winter. Swap meets here I come.

Hey Man Pan

Joe – a ham for the cam manages to pop up all over the chop web. I looked at a number of pics I got from Born Free, Full Tilt, and Davenport and somehow Joe is always floating in the background. Well its all for good cause cause Joe’s for real. He’s been hiding in the shadows for a year now working on the original “Hey Man! Pan”. Look for this thing next season. He’s killing it. Big plans to drive this thing to Cali and back Flying solo like a dog in the wind. I snagged this pic from Zac’s

Next year Minnesota is gonna be blowing up with all kinds of new shit. I think at least half the guys in the scene here are working on something new for next year. Spencer, Joe, Pete, Dave, Me, Chris and maybe Gator is he’s still hanging around.

Congrats Spencer & Pre-Tilt Party

Spencer has been hard at work all week trying to get his little Triumph rocking. After much frustration and late nights… she’s alive and actually ridable. It was a little touch and go there for a while but he managed to squeak the bike past the finish line early this evening. Check him out today at Full Tilt. Where exactly is full tilt at? Great questions. Victoria and Jefferson intersection in St Paul right next to Tav on the Ave. Be there. This will be Epic.

On a side note. It’s 1am and I’m at the shop downloading video and pics from the Pre-Tilt party. Steve lent me a really sweet Rode mic for my camera. Making me look all for serious and what not. Harpoon and Grant (Born Free/FMA) are here, Josh Kurpius and the Death Science crew made it, Eternal combustion is here along with a whole lot of other folks too. The show is all on the up and up. This thing will be quite the gathering.

Kung Fu Dice – 2011

Great time. Burned a few layers of skin off my face. A couple breakdowns along the way. Zac rolled out his fresh bike. Harpoon and Jeff were in town so Dave lent them a couple bikes. Harpoon was the f*ckin man on that raked girder. Kevin’s new bike destroyed peoples minds. All the usual suspects were there. Here’s a full set of pics to recap. Support your local chopper blogs!

Minnesota Chop

The Daves

Kung Fu COC

Hans and Spencer

Iowa Tail



King Diamond in need

Pete and Spencer and Tacos

Zac and Chris Magneto Trouble