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Jordans XS

Scanning through some pics from last June. Found this one from a little get together at BlueCat. Jordan from Union Speed on his XS. Pretty sure this thing is sporting different sheet metal now. When the weather is good, this thing is his daily driver. Check him out at


Another Proud Ticket Holder – Born Free 3

Reinhart is my man in the cut. He’s got the itch and now he’s officially on board for Born Free 3. He’s choppin that OIF Triumph in the background and we’re gonna make the pilgrimage. It’s not so easy to hit the road when you got family at home so this trip is kind of a big deal for both of us. We’re kissing the wife and kids goodbye and crashing with friends along the way. Speed Club across the nation!

See everyone at Born Free. More to come on the Speed Club Chopper Blog

Ironhead Wednesday

I’ve got another bike build on the brain which once again has led me straight to drag bikes. What can I say. I LOVE DRAG BIKES! Drag bikes are raw precision engineering stripped down to the absolute minimum. Speed above all else. Every inch of the bike is completely and totally utilitarian in design. Here’s a bunch of Ironhead images I’ve been collecting.

Ironhead Wednesday on the Chopper Blog.

New Machinery Hard-On

That’s right. I’ve got a machinery boner and I’m not afraid to share it! Just last weekend, I had a new printing press delivered here to the shop. Built on January 10th, 1967 and placed on my shop floor just 1 day prior to its 42nd anniversary of production. It was clearly meant to be. This mammoth 1-ton fully automated Kluge 10×15 letterpress is naturally referred to as “Killer.” This thing is capable of 700 impressions an hour at its slowest speed and when she’s fully wound up, its like a steam locomotive running through the building! Production capacity tops out around 3 thousand impressions/hour. This thing is gonna save me a world of time and likely save me from loosing a few digits while I’m at it.

Killer… welcome to your new home!

Gringo and Mickeys Dates are In!

Gringo and Mickeys Dates are In! I dont know about you but I’ve got some sh*t to get rid of and a little money to burn while I’m at it. Check out the Moto Psycho Swap Meets this winter. We will be posting the dates to the chopper events forum here shortly. Speed Club Approved.