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I suck at posting stuff… I admit

Reinhart says I suck at posting stuff. He’s probably right. Screw it. I’m just busy right now man. Its summer. Im on the bike, camping, partying or working. That’s it. I’ll have time for typing when the snow falls again. In the mean time, visit my motorcycle classifieds. Put it to use. Its free and we get enough visitors that it should definitely be worth the effort. Dig it.

Garage Feature II – CT is NE

I met CT a couple years back at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show. To put it to you straight… CT is North East. He’s involved in a little bit of everything. CT was part of the the once mighty Track Stars. He’s a regular fixture at Blue Cat. He runs every year at the Salt Flats and CT is one of the guiding forces behind the Bearded Lady. He runs a lot of bikes and is real big into his vintage Italian and Japanese stuff. Especially his Suzuki 2-stroke triples.

CT spends his winters keeping busy in his garage.  A couple cans of Hamms, crank the heater, a few touches here and there on the ratrod and the snow keeps falling. Eventually Bearded Lady plans start up as the snow and ice start to melt.

I asked a little more about how that (cycle show) whole thing got started. CT is always quick to pass off the success to his other partners in crime who lend a very large helping hand. In fact, he’s one of the most humble dudes I’ve ever met. “Truth is” he says, “the whole thing was sorta started out of spite.” Apparently, CT and some friends attended a few vintage Japanese bike show years back and unfortunately, the judges never quite knew how to judge their whips. It started to get pretty obvious that there were a lot of custom classics in the Twin Cities in need of an event where they could get a little appreciation. “Fuck it, I’m gonna start my own show for the kind of bikes that deserve it.”

Years later and here we are. The streets have to be shut down. Vendors and sponsors line up in advance and the permits need to be legit. The Lady has really taken on a life of its own. Everybody… and I mean EVERYBODY attends.  See you there this July 23rd. Speed Club will be out with booth overhead and beer in hand as usual.
Dig it. Thanks CT.

Big Wheeler Trip Weekend – coming up

About two to three times a season, me and a few others head up to good old Hayward WI for miles and miles of trails on the ATV’s. This year I’ve got Blue which is a much nicer ride than my last years whip. I’m planning on putting on some miles as long as the weather is good. Last season ended with me standing in a crapper stall barefoot as I rung out my socks over a toilet. Weather was about as cold as it could be and I think it was even snowing in some areas. We’ll probably hit up  the LCO and even drop by the Hayward Ballet (Phipps Tavern) for a little light evening entertainment. Pics to come.

Spring Tuning in the Twin Cities

Here in the Midwest we fill our tanks with high grade petrol and fuel stabilizer while our bikes sleep quietly in the corners of our garages and minds. Once the snow melts from the roof top, it’s time for a little spring tuning. Just got my parts for a well needed tune-up. I’m particularly pumped about my new dual carb sync tool.

Gringo & Mickey’s – Moto Psycho Swap Meet – 3.14.2010

It’s cold out here in the Twin Cities but we’ve finally begun our spring thaw! With that, Gringo and Mickey’s Moto Psych Swap Meet is back at the St. Paul Armory on March 14th. There was a lot of great stuff out there last time including the dude from LifeisFuct with a bunch of merch. Speed Club was also in attendance. We got rid of a bunch of stuff from the garage including an awesome cafe headlight and tail section from an old cafe Sportster. I’ve attached some photos from the last swap back in December. That’s right… Midwest cycle freaks do it in the snow. Dig it – See you there!