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Death to Formality

Our kickstarter project didnt reach its funding goal. Bummer but fuck it. It’s tough to be bummed when we’re only a couple weeks away from BornFree. We still managed to scrape up enough extra $$ to get our asses there and back with a camera in hand and that’s all it really takes.

So death to formality and on with the show! We got us a new camera and we’re working on all the other loose ends. Stay tuned. Here’s a quick peek at where I’m at on the Love Whip.

Intl. Bike Show Classics

All kinds of crazy super flashy stuff at the international bike show. Not really my scene personally but there are always some really great classics at these shows. Here are a couple images that came back from a buddy. A sweet Scout – “Wall-o-Death” style along with a slick little flat tracker and a very cool board track racer.

Garage Love

RL sent me some pics he grabbed from a few weeks back. We were kicking around the garage putting that xs back together and working on a few Pabst. Cold or not, gotta get out there and keep those projects on track. Show some garage love. On a side note, I’m usually the one taken the pics. Kinda weird seeing myself for a change.

Welcome to the chopper blog.

Show Pics – Bearded Lady 2010

Lots of great bikes at the show. Had a great time. Here are a few pics. More to come.

Catch us at the Bearded Lady TODAY!

Live and in person – Catch us today at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show! 331 Club – Minneapolis. Get there early, stay late. Meet the Speed Club gang and support your local Midwest Moto Culture. Absence will be considered inexcusable. Check back for more pics and video as we post them to the chopper blog.