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Reinhart is on the scene!

It’s late and Im at the shop with Reinhart. We’re setting him up to start contributing to the site. I expect big things from this dude and so should you. Reinhart… dont mess my shit up.

Get to work, son!

Im on fire right now son! Threw a new MK on a wheel, bars welded last night, sold some shit, bought some shit, bent up a bitch bar with New Kevin and I’ve got a vintage track racing bike project coming into the shop here shortly. I should have my frame ready for paint by Valentines Day. Donnie Smiffz here I come bitch!



Later Gator

Headed over to the house of the unholy for the typical Thursday night round up. Something made me go. I was gonna sit around and watch TV but I realized this might be the last time to hang out with Gator before he leaves for FL!

Everyone was out. There’s lots to celebrate. New Kevin’s bike is in this issue of ShowClass Mag. I’ve almost got my shovelhead flywheels trued. Blaine has just about everything to start assembling his pan. There’s a swap this Sunday and I picked up a sexy girder from Pete! The bummer was that with Gator splitting, things just won’t be the same. I’m sure Gator will be back in town now and again. Here are a few quick photos I managed to snag while running around the shop.







Slow Week

Nothing too crazy going on this past week. Working on the Shovel motor. Making an 80″ out of a 74″. Rings showed up along with a sweet little FTWCO hat. My son claimed the hat in the first 5 minutes of opening the box. Moved one of my big presses out of the house and out to the garage to have delivered to the shop. Snapped the foot peg off my bike yesterday night so I spent some time today drilling out and re-taping everything for some big grade 8 shit. Had some stainless nuts on the shelf so I tossed em into the lathe this afternoon. Turned out some sweet rings. I have a couple left. No idea of the size, I just trimmed the fat till they fit my finger. Email me if you want one. Send $10 bucks and your address and I’ll ship it out. Tomorrow is the Scooter Trash Show. I really don’t know too much about it but I’ll be there. Come out and support.






Heated Winter Storage for your Motorcycle!

Heated Winter Storage for your Motorcycle, Chopper, Bobber, Dirt bike, ATV, Scooter, etc.
Yeah! This fall/winter, we’ve decided to open up our shop to offering winter storage for your bike.

Here’s the details:

Cheap-cheap-cheap! Just $30 a month.
Pay up front or pay/month. Its up to you!
Our lock-up is located in Minneapolis just off of Hennepin Avenue.
Totally climate controlled.
Super secure!
We winterize your bike for you free of charge.
Stabilize Tank.
Drain Carbs.
Tend battery.
FREE Pick up within the Twin Cities.
$30 for out of city pick up.

Any questions or to book your spot, jut email me at