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Triumphs and Shotguns

Stayed an extra day on the way back in Kansas to visit with the Germans family. Sure enough, they gave us a shotgun and we rode out to the back 40. Everyone was having a blast. Jordan was a real killing machine. He hates those damn morning doves!

I was a little chopped the hell out when we left Cali but 4 days in a van has a way of making you crazy to want to get out a blast off all over again. I have tons of totally amazing pics to share so stay tuned to the chopper blog.

Reinhart loves Anal… I mean Amal!

Big order came in today from Lowbrow Customs for Reinhart. We sat down for some viet-grub and a dick-load of Trump parts! Brand spankin’ new Amal carbs, shirts, velocity stacks, wiring, and looks like the Lowbrow boys threw in a sweet LB scarf for us frozen midwest folk. We still have a Bird loop hard tail coming in in the next couple weeks. We’ll definitely get some pics of that thing to share. Born Free – look out.

NOTE: Reinhart does not always look this way… he just got a haircut.

Heard about Hopper Mag?

Every now and again I cruise on over to to check out the work these guys are doing. They do a great job of feeding the chop culture with all sorts of high quality video production and we highly recommend everyone heading over there right now to check out exactly what I’m talking about. That said, they are particular about how their media is presented. Because I work on an “ask for forgiveness not permission” policy, I apologize in advance for what I have done. I boosted a couple videos from their site to post here and share. Sorry Hoppermag. I know this isnt what you intended but look at the bright side. I’ve linked to your site like 3 times in this post already! Sharing is caring!

Chopper Dave

Junk Motor

New Machinery Hard-On

That’s right. I’ve got a machinery boner and I’m not afraid to share it! Just last weekend, I had a new printing press delivered here to the shop. Built on January 10th, 1967 and placed on my shop floor just 1 day prior to its 42nd anniversary of production. It was clearly meant to be. This mammoth 1-ton fully automated Kluge 10×15 letterpress is naturally referred to as “Killer.” This thing is capable of 700 impressions an hour at its slowest speed and when she’s fully wound up, its like a steam locomotive running through the building! Production capacity tops out around 3 thousand impressions/hour. This thing is gonna save me a world of time and likely save me from loosing a few digits while I’m at it.

Killer… welcome to your new home!

the Kingdom of Diamond Dave

Much thanks and appreciation to Diamond Dave who was kind enough to let me stop by his garage last night for some much needed advise and inspiration. Dave’s a real cool fella. He’s got style and an endless stash of killer chopper parts. He knows his sh*t and is willing to share some knowledge. All you gotta do is listen. That’s good people.

Click here to check out some photos of Dave’s garage scene shot by Josh Kurpius from Kemosabe and the Lodge

photo by Josh Kurpius