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David Mann Show – Minneapolis

Everyone lined up for the show. Ironheads, Cone shovels, Genny’s, Pans and Triumphs. The ride across town was cool. The show itself… I just wasn’t feeling it.

The pic above was from either Shane, New Kevin or Rager Kevin. Im not actually sure.

Thursday Night at the Temple

the Temple on Thursday nights is always a good time. Everyone in good spirits despite the shit MN weather. Lots of really really cool projects and custom fab parts too. The Minnesota scene is taking over.

On Any Sunday


Woke up to a call from Pete. I’m late for a swap meet. Luckily I’m only 2 miles from the fairgrounds. Made a big cup of coffee and hustled my ass on over. At 8am, the swap was in full swing. Ran around solo for an hour. Scored a weird fire bell and an old oil tank. Caught up with Pete and walked the swap for another hour or two. Pete was the big winner for the day. Dig this old door.


Ran back home to knock out some yard work and frame a window. Then I was back out to Selby cause I struck a deal with Pete on an old shop truck. 1970 F100. She’s a rust bucket but she’s got charm. Came back and drove around the neighborhood all evening with my son. Finished the night with some good old Walking Dead. I love that show. Life is good.