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93″ of LOVE – PART 1

There are a lot of ways to build up a good shovel. I’ve had 74s and 80s but Im now working on a fresh 93″. The wheels, cylinders, cam, and pistons will kill you if you don’t try and shop smart. Retail, Sidewinder kits are gonna beat you over the head at anything from $1500-$2000. Lots of good things can be said for S&S products but that’s not really the point of this series. The point is to look at some math and figure out how to go the distance without going broke.


Here’s a pic of my pile of parts to build up my 93″ motor. Stock cases and heads will work just fine with a little trim and shim work. A set of used T&O wheels are at the heart and soul of this thing. If you haven’t looked into it here’s the deal with T&O. T&O stuff is killer and they’ve been around since the beginning. They’re experience and knowledge are in their products and the prices are very reasonable.

That said, these wheels were used and I paid used price. They need to be checked carefully and rebalanced but overall, they are in great condition. After a chat with some guys at T&O, I decided I’d go with new Vtwin Cylinders to save some cash over the name brand stuff. The money I saved on the cylinders I turned around and dumped on some really nice forged S&S pistons.

All the stroker parts are present and accounted for. The other parts like the cone, rockers, lifters, oil pump, etc are all on a shelf as well but those are stock parts that anyone can find in abundance. I’ll post more pics as the motor comes together.



Getting close?

Yeah – me neither. Seems like everyone out here is working on at least one project if not two. I just checked the Donnie Smith Show site and that at least give me some kind of deadline. 52 days to get my act together. TO DO: Tonight Im getting up with New Kevin to bend up a sissy bar and finish weld my bars. A new wheel arrives tomorrow (Ive got the tire and tube sitting on a shelf). Im also making some crazy super-pipes and I have to rebuild a set of heads and rockers. After that, I can make some wheel spacers, mount my fender and piece everything together before stripping down for paint and chrome. Okay – so apparently Ive got some work to do.

Saturdays Mods vs Rockers ride in Minneapolis 2010 – Video

Here’s a quick video I pieced together from a huge folder of shots I grabbed today at the Mods vs Rockers Ride in Minneapolis yesterday (June 5th – 2010). Lots of great stuff. Had a great time even though it rained like mad for almost the entire day. Soaked to the bone but had a chance to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Great bikes and scooters. Special thanks to BlueCat Motors for organizing the event. Met up at Grumpys. Pounded a couple Guinness and headed through the campus and down University Ave to the BC Motors lot for more bike and pretty ladies. Dig it. Check out our chopper blog for all sorts of midwest moto psycho culture, pics, video and parts. Extra thanks on the music provided by none other than the late great Doo Rag – “Bullhorn”

MODS vs ROCKERS Minneapolis 2010 – tomorrow

//////////MODS vs ROCKERS Minneapolis 2010 – tomorrow, June 5th. Be there Bitches!\\\\\\\\\\
<<<<<Bikes at Grumpys – Scoots at Psych Suzies – End at Bluecat.>>>>>
~ photo regretfully removed by uptight white chick ~

p.s. – yes, i totally stole this pic from someone on flickr.
You can tell the mod chick is a prude cause she held back on showing some nip.

Mods vs Rockers 2010 – Reminder

Don’t forget. The Mods vs Rockers ride is coming up next Saturday the 5th of June. Get that last minute tuning done and get your ass out there. Scooters meet up at Psycho Suzie’s. Bikes meet up at Grumpy’s North East – Minneapolis. Dig it.