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Speed Club Garage

Speed Club Garage last year. Come a long way since then. More of everything. Heat, sheet rock, insulation and bikes. Im thinking about putting a hammock in the corner these days. Fuck a bed.

Come to Daddy!

Been holding out for a long time on getting a lathe but its finally time to bring it on home. I’ve got the garage insulation, sheet rock and heating in the mix so that my equipment doesnt just waste away. This lather is gonna come in real handy with my old printing equipment too. I cant count how many times I’ve had to call in a last minute favor to get something milled, drilled or lathed to get one of the presses back up and running. Dig it. Real pics coming soon. By the way… check out the South Bend site. Tons of really great information to keep folks on track. Knucklebusterinc has a bunch of great posts on the subject too.

Union Speed and Style – Garage Feature III

Ran out to visit Jordan at Union Speed and Style yesterday. Turns out it was his Birthday. Happy birthday mother f*cker! Jordan is fitting me for a custom vest. Sh*t is gonna be tough! Denim w/ golden brown stitch, green/tan flannel liner, and a short pop collar. While I was there I thought it a good time to get him in for a little garage feature session. Union Speed is tucked back on River street in Monticello. A little off the beaten path but for what he’s doing, its probably a good thing. This dude is so busy, he’d probably loose his sh*t if he were in the twin cities (distractions day in and day out).

Jordan and I don’t get many chances to hang out with us both being knee deep in running our respective shops. That said, I did get to rock down to Iowa with him lat weekend. His little XS has got some serious balls. Not surprising… his bike didnt miss a beat once the entire trip. His spot was packed with projects. Jordan dabbles in all sorts of stuff. He’s turning out custom tanks, frames, leather and denim, seats, etc. Come to think of it… he’s a bit of a one stop shop.

Union Speed works pretty steadily throughout the year and they even manage to make all the stops on the vendor circuit. I’m not even really sure exactly how many people make up Union Speed but from the work load, they probably some kind of small army.

The Union Speed Crew are definitely a younger bunch but they’re also talented well beyond their years. If you need some fabrication, without having to deal with the grumpy old heads in the scene, these are the dudes to hook up with. They’ve got the skills and creativity to blow minds. Check em out.

Speed Club Garage Welcomes ~ “Blue”

Went out last night with Druncle and picked up this monster; a 2000 Yamaha Banshee. For all my 2 wheeled interest, I’m an ATV man when it comes to spring/summer powersports. In case you’ve been living under a rock, these Banshee’s are KILLERS! With a 350cc twin, water cooled 2-stroke motor, aftermarket aluminum head and FMF pipe, this thing cranks out about 45HP making it the fastest-accelerating two-stroke engine ever produced. Not bad for weighing in at only 386lbs. It’s no chopper or bobber but it is crazy fast, good old-fashioned Minnesota fun !

Doug Armstong’s XS650 Dirt Tracker

I met Doug about a year or more ago. I picked up a titled ’73 xs650 frame and motor from him via good old eBay for the low – low price of $100. We drove from Minneapolis, all the way out to Oak Grove to make the deal. Doug rolled this monster out of his garage while we were there. Talk about one fine piece of work. 19″ front and 18″ aluminum rear off an old dirt bike. Perfectly used Wassell tank, dual Miki carbs, bates seat, and he finished it off with one of those hard-to-find bicycle style kickers. Call it a Dirt Tracker or call it a bobber, this thing was the bike that got me turned on to xs650 chops. I actually saw this bike on ebay about 6+ months ago. Wonder if anyone ever picked it up? Doug – you rock. Midwest Moto Culture. Great job. Pleasure to add to the chopper blog.