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Fan the Flame

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Never really been too hot on the “see and be seen – scene” that comes with going to bike shows or having a booth or whatever so I simply don’t do it. Instead I like to save up a big bag of pennies and nickels and hit the road for a couple weeks with a good friend or two. It keeps my mind right and it keeps my game tight.

Erik Steady and Me in  JACKSON, WY | Aug.2014
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Faraway Places


It’s been a long road. First working solo in my garage. Then being part of a group of guys sharing a communal space. These days I’m finding my stride of creativity exists somewhere between the two places. Im in my own shop now. I’ve found a great balance of creativity and productivity. I’m right next door to my buddies which allows me to occasionally socialize yet I can always lock the door and tune the world out as needed. If you’re in the twin cities and need new or used parts or service, give a call.

S P E E D C L U B | 651-968-0263

4 Hour Miracle

So I’m out last Thursday night hangin with the Motorcycle Cult. Just as I’m maybe a mile away, the bike starts making some evil noises when I close the throttle. Turns out I seriously dodged an engine destroying bullet! My damn exhaust valve in my rear cylinder dropped the seat. Somehow by luck or chance, the dropped seat was actually perfectly caught by the valve as it tried to close. Even better, the pushrod just hung there. Didnt pinch or bend or snap or anything. That was Thursday. Saturday morning I got up at 6Am and did 600 miles int Wisconsin with Drunkle Evan! Here’s my 4 hour miracle on Friday afternoon.

3PM: Bike on lift. Took off pipe. Valve clearly stuck. Called Gator.


3:30PM: Cylinder removed and I am clearly fuct but piston and cylinder are 100%!


4PM: Realized “Shit! I have a donor motor sitting on the bench!” Yanked the head off and texted a pic to Gator for his blessing before proceeding.


5PM: Drank coffee. Made piece with wife. Found an unused top end gasket set and reassembled rocker on new head. She’s looking pretty.

7PM: Head and top end reassembled. Pipe remounted. Readjusted pushrods. Everything torqued properly (thanks again Gator). Dropped it off the lift and after a couple primer kicks – she was up an running once more. Road around maybe 20 miles that night and called it a done deal! By 11Am the next morning I was 200 miles from home and still running strong.

Barely Legal!

Yeah – I’ve been riding around for the last few years in MN on valid/expired learners permits. Realized yesterday that my permit expires on Tuesday so I road out to the test site, ran the course and yeah… I’m legal.

The Love Whip

Almost ready for the road. Worked on the love whip over the entire weekend. Smoothed out a couple dings in the tank, cut down the bar ends, and I got that sweet FMA stack mounted but I still wanst able to get everything knocked out. Need to clean up those damn cables and I’m starting to consider maybe some rippled pipes to finish it off. Paint on Friday – On the road next week!