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Reinhart is on the scene!

It’s late and Im at the shop with Reinhart. We’re setting him up to start contributing to the site. I expect big things from this dude and so should you. Reinhart… dont mess my shit up.


A gift to Reinhart from the legendary Steve Hamel. Original Triumph parts engine pressure/vacuum test gauge set. Very Very nice good working used equipment to take Reinhart’s engine work to the next level. A true Hooligan if there ever were.

Dig it

Reinhart sent this in. No idea where it came from but I dig it.

A German Triumph

Reinhart is a good friend of mine out here in MN. Originally from Germany, dude is obsessed with motorcycles in a very scary way. He put this triumph together last year with Born Free as his goal. He spent a lot of nights after work in the Speed Club garage finishing the work on his bike. I just stood around drinking Pabst and taking pics. Thanks to the Pabst, I completely forgot that I even took pics.

Think Fast – Go Faster

Met up a week ago last Sunday with the fellas at the Blood Temple of Black Acid Beast. Zac was looking to get some pics of Pete and Hans bikes for Show Class. I rode along to get some video and mostly for the fun of it. Diamond Dave, Jordan, Reinhart and Hot Bobby were along too. –Jordan fixing his PBR kids hat.

We blasted through the state and over to Stillwater. Hopped the shoulder to skirt a two mile back up and somewhere along the way some asshole jumped in behind us thinking he was slick. He got his. The cops jumped in behind HIM and HE got stopped while the rest of us banged our way down the hill and around the bend. Zac’s tank sprung a major leak. After a little repair we started making our way back to the cities. Zacs tank was fucked. — Hans, Dave, and Zac inspecting the damage.

Me, Dave, Jordan and Hot Bobby split off at 35W, splitting lanes, destroying highway, 90-per (Dave leading the way on his FXR) as we high tailed it back to the Cities. Apparently somewhere along the way some douche got pretty mad about me shaking the paint of his hybrid and tried to clip me! Yeah! I didnt even know about it until Jordan told me what had happened. It goes back to the golden rule. Think Fast – Go Faster.