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New Kevin’s Boys

Here’s a couple of New Kevin’s boys at the Full Tilt show. Kids love choppers but you gotta start em early! 30 years from now, somebody is gonna find this picture and be like damn… that was the real shit!

Late Nights at the Shop

Every now and again, I end up pulling a double duty over at the print shop. It’s kinda cool cause I can crank the music without the business next door getting all “sandy vagina’d” on me. When the work day is through I can crack a beer, start shutting down and on occasion… even take some late night pics. I love my machines. In the daylight, they just sit quietly waiting for me to wake them up. And then when deadlines start gettin real crazy, this place is pounding and the floor vibrates like a locomotive. I love my machines. All 10 tons of them.


Retro Moto Photo 1

I love a hillclimb! Talk about a great way to spend a Sunday. My pappy was real big into this hillclimb stuff way back when everyone showed up on sh*t you wouldn’t dare hit a hill with today! I saw this photo and thought it was a perfect example of that feeling you get when your fightin’ that hill and praying to god that you dont land on your balls. I cant say for sure but it looks like this guy is riding a BSA??