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Robots Date Rape

Saturday night kinda got away from me. Dragged Reinhart all over North East. Pounded beers until all hours of the morning. Puked a couple times and finally woke up and found this picture in my phone! I dont know how I got it. It looks like its from Halloween! That robot is totally gonna get her drunk!

Vern’s Triumph Speed Triple

My neighbor Vern’s got this really great Triumph Speed Triple. I’ve always been a sucker for those single sided swing arms and that straight out of the showroom street fighter look. Gotta admit, Triumph motorcycles have got style. Since year one, these bikes have definied cool in so many ways. Snapped this photo out at the bike shop a month back. Just found it in my phone and thought it would make a nice addition to the chopper blog. Dig it.

CHOPOUT 2010 Details

CHOPOUT 2010 – presented by

We’re getting the hell out of town for one last ride for the season on September 18 and 19th. This is a Saturday and Sunday, 300 mile round trip and you’re invited. We’re leaving after breakfast and heading east into WI. Camp out. Next day cruise back west into MN and then south to the Twin Cities. This is a bring-your-own-shit, ride and camp out thing. Contact Speed Club INC for all the ride details including map, camp destination and specifics on the route.

Dont forget your:
sleeping bag
extra socks
break down back-up plan

How Much: $10-20/per person, per night for camp site. You get a spot on the grassy knoll next to the second gunman. There’s a lake and toilets and the lodge with grub, beer and AC/Heat depending on the weather. Well worth the minimal cash so don’t be a tight ass.

What to do: Absolutely nothing. There are a couple bars and gas stations for food and drink and there’s always good old Phipps. Make some friends, rest up, share some laughs, shit it in the woods.

Things you should know: The ride is open to anyone with the right attitude. No chase trucks, no banners, no products, no nothing. Just one last little adventure for the season. Food is on you. Yes, there are definitely bears and yes, they will come out looking for that cheese burger wrapper you left in the dirt next to your bike. SO… be smart and try not to get killed. It’s not a race. Have a fun time and enjoy the ride.

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shinya kimura – Motorcycle Video of the Week

This video is pretty damn awesome to say the least. This dude is deep into it. Just sit back, turn off the phone, and take it in. enjoy – Speed Club INC