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FULL TILT PARTY – 3 weeks!

I got a little info on the Full Tilt Party last night. Don’t quote me or anything but I heard PBR, DICE, St PAUL, and July 24th. I’ll post any updates I hear between now and then. Check out Zac at for the most up to date news. Dig it.

Do You Know Kung Fu?

June 11th. Be there. I’m stuck at home with the folks arriving from out of town. Talk about bad timing. Someone bring me back a shirt and a warm PBR.

Two to Spare

RL came by last night and gave me a hand remounting the xs650 motor back in the bike. A quick process. We knocked out the timing, carbs, and wiring in about an hour and after some uneventful kicking, she eventually fired up for the first time since last September. Called it a done deal with two PBR’s to spare. I’ll revisit this thing in the spring to adjust the valves and timing and to mount a new rear fender but for now, this one is destine for storage.