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Labor Day Celebration from the Chopper Blog

I’ve had a great weekend. KISS played last night in St Paul. I live about a half mile from the fair grounds so I could hear the whole thing. Sure, it was a one man party but all my friends were there (Pabst and Jerky). Happy Labor Day. Here’s a little celebratory dance with Candy Barr – Partying with the Devil. I think this young lady is going places.

Welcome to the chopper blog.

Bearded Pre-Party Art Mixer

Tonight there’s a pre-bearded art show at Rogue Buddha Gallery, right on 13th Av by the 331 Club. It’s art and somewhat of a moto pre show if yu’re in the area. Be there if you can make it. Otherwise, we’ll see you bitches tomorrow!

Start ’em Young – Third Thursday

Last weeks 3rd Thursday was a really good time. Saw a bunch of folks I hadnt caught up with in months. Lots of great bikes out there. Rick on Davids fatboy xs650 chopper, Jordan on his recent build, and pictured below was Reinhart and his son. I met this dude a few months back, just after returning from my trip up north. He’s got a really nice CB750 cafe. He rode to 3rd Thursday with his son on back. It was his sons first cycle party and it looked like he was having a blast. Gotta start ’em young.

Happy Birthday Sonny!

Happy birthday sonny! We’re back from vacation. Sorry for the delayed posts this past week. Brian’s boy, “Sonny” just had is big first birthday. Celebrated with the family pack coming out from back east to spend the week partying. As all of you already know – the weather in MN was sh*t most of the week but we all still managed to have a blast.