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the SUPER/SHIFTER™ from Speed Club


So fucking good, Harley Davidson wishes they’d thought of it themselves. At long last, a mid control shift set up for your HARLEY FUCKING DAVIDSON. The SUPER/SHIFT is numero uno in the business for positive shift operation in a compact, chrome finish. If you’re looking for a superior shift for your Harley Davidson, you just found it. Both the peg arm and shift arm are on a splined shaft for a perfect fit and orientation every time. The perfect compliment to your stock FX style brake control.


Shovelhead Motor


Needs a rebuild but overall it’s in good condition. It’s a 77 and includes bill of sale. A couple small odds and ends are needed but it’s pretty much all there. Id sell it as it sits or Ill split the top and bottom for the right price. Looking for maybe 1500 or best offer. Call the shop if you’re interested.

Speed Club – 651-968-0263

Out with the old – In with the new!


A lot going on here at the shop lately. Some new parts are coming along. An unmolested pre-SRAD GSXR fell in my lap. A road trip or two are lining up and as always, parts and service have been ongoing and Donnie Smith is right around the corner.

Im im going to try and get back on the speed club and chvrch blog and instagram train so tune in.

My shit goes


I checked out last year. I’d had my fill of the internet and instagram chopper thing and ended up taking a filthy black shovelhead from Minnesota down to Mississippi and then back around to Milwaukee in search of more fun. Four or five thousand miles, my mids, pegs, brakes, and bars. I don’t know many mother fuckers going to that extent to put their shit to the test these days but I know beyond a shadow of doubt – My shit goes the extra mile. If you want parts you can count on – get em here. – Speed Club

Super Stomper™ – In Stock!

We came up with this set up about 2 years ago. This slim master cylinder and reservoir mount to your kicker cover. Designed to work with stock trans mount mid control but can also work with forwards. The setup tucks tight and discrete to the frame rail and includes everything to bolt on a go. Did we mention this thing will stop a Mac Truck? Get yours here.


Midesotas are also back in stock!