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The Roll

600 Miles coming up this weekend in northern MN and WI. I’m cruising around with my bro-in-law and his buddies. They’re totally bagged out, Fuel injected, and are even rocking satellite radio and what not. There’s no way Im running at the front of the pack but hey… maybe they’ll carry my tools!

The motor is running good. Just put a little Loctite on a few bolts. Remounted the coil. Still need to swap belt drives and adjust shift linkage but that maybe 30 minutes. Im still missing a spare belt, points/condensor, instant coffee, and a cell charger but thats all last minute stuff anyway. Here’s the roll. Everything I think I’ll need with some random stuff mixed in. Hopefully all goes well cause I’ve got another 700 miles coming up in a couple more weeks. That shit is for later though.

Check back often. I’ll post what I can when I can. Guaranteed 100% original. Buy a shirt. Help support 2-wheel needs.

CHOPOUT Update – “sporks”

Things are coming together. Got a new sleeping bag on Friday. My old one is back at my brothers house on the East Coast. Started making a list of all the stuff I need to pack. I even took a trip to REI to look at all the fancy gadgets their trying to sell. I ended up buying a pocket can opener for .59 cents and a really funny spork which I gave to my son since he’s currently learning how to use utensils. All in all I learned that a tarp, a knife, a lighter and a tin can pretty much cover the basics.

Just a couple quick reminders and useful tips for those planning on attending:
– Be Cool. This is an all INCLUSIVE event.
– Pack light but stay warm.
– There is a lodge VERY near by for most of our drinking/eating necessity.
– There are new shower facilities which include a crapper.
– Gonna crash in your sleeping bag under the stars? RECONSIDER IT. That’s some Hollywood John Wayne bullshit. Maybe a tent isn’t a horrible idea. It’s up to you. It’s your trip, not mine.
– Cash – Cash – Cash
– Cell signals are spotty. Towers are being built but sh*t happens slowly out there.
– Be nice to locals (we’re in their house).
– Warm hats are good.
– Cook a potato in the fire by wrapping it in foil and setting it in alongside the coals (45-60 min).
– Empty Zip Lock bag + air = cheap pillow
– Lastly, and perhaps most importantly…BEER. We may need beer run volunteers.

See everyone around the camp fire.

Happy Birthday Sonny!

Happy birthday sonny! We’re back from vacation. Sorry for the delayed posts this past week. Brian’s boy, “Sonny” just had is big first birthday. Celebrated with the family pack coming out from back east to spend the week partying. As all of you already know – the weather in MN was sh*t most of the week but we all still managed to have a blast.