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Flying Mag & Hell on Wheels Leather Key Chain

A little something I’ve been working on. I still need to burnish the edges, punch eyelets and add some paint. Who wants one?



Think Fast – Go Faster

Met up a week ago last Sunday with the fellas at the Blood Temple of Black Acid Beast. Zac was looking to get some pics of Pete and Hans bikes for Show Class. I rode along to get some video and mostly for the fun of it. Diamond Dave, Jordan, Reinhart and Hot Bobby were along too. –Jordan fixing his PBR kids hat.

We blasted through the state and over to Stillwater. Hopped the shoulder to skirt a two mile back up and somewhere along the way some asshole jumped in behind us thinking he was slick. He got his. The cops jumped in behind HIM and HE got stopped while the rest of us banged our way down the hill and around the bend. Zac’s tank sprung a major leak. After a little repair we started making our way back to the cities. Zacs tank was fucked. — Hans, Dave, and Zac inspecting the damage.

Me, Dave, Jordan and Hot Bobby split off at 35W, splitting lanes, destroying highway, 90-per (Dave leading the way on his FXR) as we high tailed it back to the Cities. Apparently somewhere along the way some douche got pretty mad about me shaking the paint of his hybrid and tried to clip me! Yeah! I didnt even know about it until Jordan told me what had happened. It goes back to the golden rule. Think Fast – Go Faster.


Davenport Iowa

We were living under a tent in 100 degree weather like some kind of crazy gasoline fueled sweat lodge. I drank maybe 5-6 bottles of water and my piss ran like snot. Everyone scattered and braved the sun in search of that good shit while a few of us remained completely motionless in the shade. Lizards waiting for a breeze, man. Eventually the sun began to set but this didnt stop the heat. Knuckles almost died right where she stood. The only thing that could cool you down was hammering the bike through town and out to the highway as the night air wicked the layer of grime and sweat off the back of my neck. Here is the one and only photo I took. At some point in the night, I think Zac’s shadow went walkin’ cause the one on the wall behind him is definitely not his.? What can I say. It’s always well worth the trip.

Congrats Spencer & Pre-Tilt Party

Spencer has been hard at work all week trying to get his little Triumph rocking. After much frustration and late nights… she’s alive and actually ridable. It was a little touch and go there for a while but he managed to squeak the bike past the finish line early this evening. Check him out today at Full Tilt. Where exactly is full tilt at? Great questions. Victoria and Jefferson intersection in St Paul right next to Tav on the Ave. Be there. This will be Epic.

On a side note. It’s 1am and I’m at the shop downloading video and pics from the Pre-Tilt party. Steve lent me a really sweet Rode mic for my camera. Making me look all for serious and what not. Harpoon and Grant (Born Free/FMA) are here, Josh Kurpius and the Death Science crew made it, Eternal combustion is here along with a whole lot of other folks too. The show is all on the up and up. This thing will be quite the gathering.