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From Minnesota with LOVE

I am not going to this. I wish I was. I know people who are. I’ve never been to AZ. Looks like fun. Again… I am not going. Someone please kick my ass. If you are going, please have a blast and mail me something like a picture of you having tacos or riding in the warm sunshine so I can have a reminder of how much of a god damned loser I am for flaking out. Much love to LOVE. Dig it.

Church of Choppers

In case it isn’t clear… I had a damn ball last weekend at the Kung Fu – Dice – COC – Iowa party. To top it off, someone from COC was cool enough to post a pic of me on the love whip to the church of choppers site! That’s some Icing on the cake kinda shit!  Much love and appreciation goes out to the Church. Dig it.

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show Update

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show Update: Can’t wait. The show is one more week away and we’re almost peeing our pants with excitement. We’ve had a ton of shirt sales in these last few weeks leading up to the show. Much love to all you moto-freaks for supporting our midwest cycle culture. Tees have been reordered and because you’ve all been so rad about buying them up, we’re extending our FREE SHIPPING indefinitely. SO… Get your shirt before the show so you can wear the damn thing or just pick one up from the Speed Club booth.

Other show highlights will include.
The hot Blonde selling Bearded Lady Swag.
Custom painted Biltwell Helmet Raffle.
Motorcycle Contest
and more.

Shovelhead Motor – Sold

///Shovelhead Motor – Sold///

The motor has headed down the road to another for a well needed/deserved rebuild. I’m sure I’ll see that motor again some day (being put to goo use I’m sure). We’re still on the lookout for a 4sp Ratchet top and/or shovelhead hardtail frame. If you or anyone you know has something to get rid of, please contact Much love to the chopper gods. More chopper blog to come.

The Decline of Midwestern Civilization ~ Zac Doom

Stompin’ around out in the Midwest, you cant NOT stumble onto Zac Doom (or as I like to call Heavy Himself) and This guy really represents for the Midwest Moto Culture. In fact, he recently made it to cover of Iron Horse Magazine. I’m definitely not the first guy to report on this but I had one of those 1 degree of separation moments this morning when Eric dropped off his bike to get some work done. Eric mentioned knowing Zac to some degree and I realized damn… this dude gets around. With that, I thought fitting to show him a little extra love via the Speed Club Chopper Blog.

Congrats on the cover. Much love, respect and appreciation for keeping the midwest Heavy. Hope to see you around this year.