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More Living – Less Talking About It.

Dont kid yourself man…”choppers” are a facade. Motorcycles are a product and Lifestyle is what you make it.
Less Talk – More Living

A German Triumph

Reinhart is a good friend of mine out here in MN. Originally from Germany, dude is obsessed with motorcycles in a very scary way. He put this triumph together last year with Born Free as his goal. He spent a lot of nights after work in the Speed Club garage finishing the work on his bike. I just stood around drinking Pabst and taking pics. Thanks to the Pabst, I completely forgot that I even took pics.

Vern’s Triumph Speed Triple

My neighbor Vern’s got this really great Triumph Speed Triple. I’ve always been a sucker for those single sided swing arms and that straight out of the showroom street fighter look. Gotta admit, Triumph motorcycles have got style. Since year one, these bikes have definied cool in so many ways. Snapped this photo out at the bike shop a month back. Just found it in my phone and thought it would make a nice addition to the chopper blog. Dig it.

3rd thursday tonight

Third Thursday tonight. Maybe some tacos or maybe some beers? Maybe some motorcycle or maybe some foxy ladies? …wait… I already said tacos? Bluecat Motors – Be there.

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show – July 24th 2010

THIS JUST IN! – The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show will be July 24th at the corner of University and 13th Ave – Minneapolis. This is the 4th year for the Lady. Last years party was one of the best twin cities motorcycle gatherings of the summer. I admit I had a few drinks but I swear I saw Prince ride in on a giant purple lawnmower!? I did see HEAVY there as well as the guys from Blue Cat Motors and even some dudes from out in Monticello (Jordan/Pugs/Daran). Seriously, it’s one of the most eclectic collections of motorcycle mayhem found anywhere in the nation, let alone the Midwest! Tons of great bikes, foxy ladies, music, and most importantly… motorcycles. I’m just gonna come out and say it. If you don’t attend this event… you suck *ss. There is absolutely no excuse for missing out. Speed Club expects to see you all there.