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And the lord spoke…

An original SPEEDCLUB product
available online at SPEEDCLUBINC.COM

Super Stomper™ – In Stock!

We came up with this set up about 2 years ago. This slim master cylinder and reservoir mount to your kicker cover. Designed to work with stock trans mount mid control but can also work with forwards. The setup tucks tight and discrete to the frame rail and includes everything to bolt on a go. Did we mention this thing will stop a Mac Truck? Get yours here.


Midesotas are also back in stock!

Speed Club Shirts

Get ’em while they last. We’re trying to raise money to pay for this years Born Free booth. Last year we sponsored the event in spirit. We donated some cash and attended in person but didnt go all-in with the booth and the set up. This year, we are trying to raise the money for both the vendor slot as well as the typical travel expense to get the bikes and booth to the party. Harpoon and Grant put on quite a show. This may be the last year so we are all in! Be the first on your block to have a Speed Club Track Tee. Every shirt comes with some free stickers. Every shirt pays our way just a little farther down the road. Support your local motorcycle blogs. Attend Born Free 4.

Heated Winter Storage for your Motorcycle!

Heated Winter Storage for your Motorcycle, Chopper, Bobber, Dirt bike, ATV, Scooter, etc.
Yeah! This fall/winter, we’ve decided to open up our shop to offering winter storage for your bike.

Here’s the details:

Cheap-cheap-cheap! Just $30 a month.
Pay up front or pay/month. Its up to you!
Our lock-up is located in Minneapolis just off of Hennepin Avenue.
Totally climate controlled.
Super secure!
We winterize your bike for you free of charge.
Stabilize Tank.
Drain Carbs.
Tend battery.
FREE Pick up within the Twin Cities.
$30 for out of city pick up.

Any questions or to book your spot, jut email me at

Twin Cities Bike Scene


Packing for the trip. Shades, phone, jacket, blade, and a couple instant coffee packets. Glad to be heading out tomorrow but there’s nothing like the Twin Cities bike scene. Midwest is where it’s at.