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Built it last winter. Painted it about 2 months ago. Rode is 2500 miles across Oregon, California, Washington and the rest of the pacific north west. Now it’s for sale. I can’t keep em all and I have some other things I’d like to do next so have a look and contact me if you’re interested.

1980 Harley Shovelhead with a 96″ stroker motor. Motor was built last year complete with balance sheet and receipts for proof. Harley cases and heads but the wheels are T&O and the pistons/rods are S&S. Brand new Joe Hunt magneto. Super E carb. It’s in a 70’s swingarm frame with a 39mm front end and disc brake. The bike is a monster and it’s titled in my name. If you want a harley that can run all day and will hang in there for years, this is the one.

Bike is located in Minnesota. Ride it home. I’m asking $6800 or I’d trade for a very very complete Panhead project. Many thanks –


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Chopper Shack

The Chopper Shack is open for business. I’ve posted a lot of parts over the holiday and am already shipping orders out. Check out the goodies and email me if you need something specific. Anything from a brake pedal to a motor. I just might have something in my stash.

74″ of Love – part 2

Finally got the bottom end completed. Got that Andrews AB cam spaced out proper. Cone back on. Tappets and hydro lifters cleaned and neatly back in place. New rings on .060 over pistons. Cylinders torqued back down and I even took a minute to set the timing. For now Im shelving the motor and Ill come back to the top end when I have more free time. I’ve got a couple pairs of heads that I need to have blasted before I reassemble so I’ll just save up the extra scratch and service all of them at the same time. This thing is looking real good and should run even better. Much thanks to Gator and Bear on this one. They both really laid some knowledge on me during the entire rebuild. Learning shovels from the best in the biz is a humbling (and equally rad) experience. More from the chopper blog soon.

74″ of Love

So that Davenport shovelhead motor I picked up turned out to be a keeper after all. I was really looking to flip it for a while but now that I started the rebuild, I have to finish it. And if I’m gonna spend the time to build it, I’m gonna keep her around for a while. Crank properly trued to within .001. Took me all damn day to get it just so. Checked the pinion side for a plug fit with .0002 over bearings. Pressed new sprocket side together and slipped the pinion half back together. Buttoned it up and checked end play. All well within spec. I got a really really clean Andrews AB cam from Gator last week. Gonna get that thing spaced out today. Top end coming soon.

Ideally, this thing will be a sweet mantle piece until I decide what to throw it in.

Bad Day at the Track

Motor detonation sucks. Some folks rock fire blankets these days but way back when, you took an entire top end to the chest and walked that sh*t off! This was a cool little photo I found today while researching some drag racing info.