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Candid Moment ~

Zac Doom & Diamond Dave get bars straightened out. Zac’s bike in a constant state of growth. I snapped this months ago and stumbled across it today. These two are a couple of real cool creeps.


Vern’s Triumph Speed Triple

My neighbor Vern’s got this really great Triumph Speed Triple. I’ve always been a sucker for those single sided swing arms and that straight out of the showroom street fighter look. Gotta admit, Triumph motorcycles have got style. Since year one, these bikes have definied cool in so many ways. Snapped this photo out at the bike shop a month back. Just found it in my phone and thought it would make a nice addition to the chopper blog. Dig it.

Start ’em Young – Third Thursday

Last weeks 3rd Thursday was a really good time. Saw a bunch of folks I hadnt caught up with in months. Lots of great bikes out there. Rick on Davids fatboy xs650 chopper, Jordan on his recent build, and pictured below was Reinhart and his son. I met this dude a few months back, just after returning from my trip up north. He’s got a really nice CB750 cafe. He rode to 3rd Thursday with his son on back. It was his sons first cycle party and it looked like he was having a blast. Gotta start ’em young.

Minneapolis Joyride

Was out riding through Minneapolis the other night. Managed to snap a pic or two of my world flashing by. Sun was down and the street lights were guiding me home. Nothing like blasting down the highway with no one crowding you. I’m getting pumped for our ride into Canada coming up this month.

First Thursday Minneapolis – Rain Out

What a bummer. Worked late at the shop last night and rolled the bike out to drive over. About half way there I got dumped on, turned it around and high tailed it back to the Speed Club Garage. Next month isn’t too far away.  There’s always next time. More pics for the chopper blog is always nice. Check back for more Midwest Moto Chopper Bobber pics and blog. We post daily. – SC