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Hey! I remember this blog thing. It’s weird but useful in it’s own strange way.

FINALLY! I made about a dozen all finished in chrome. Order while supplies last. Also check out our Kung-fu Kicker if you need a cheap and easy shift option to run with the mids. These work great with your stock forward brake set up so that ones kind of a no-brainer. Thanks –

Also Check out me and my homies on instagram @speed_club

My shit goes


I checked out last year. I’d had my fill of the internet and instagram chopper thing and ended up taking a filthy black shovelhead from Minnesota down to Mississippi and then back around to Milwaukee in search of more fun. Four or five thousand miles, my mids, pegs, brakes, and bars. I don’t know many mother fuckers going to that extent to put their shit to the test these days but I know beyond a shadow of doubt – My shit goes the extra mile. If you want parts you can count on – get em here. – Speed Club