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Back by popular demand. I made about a dozen all finished in chrome. If you’re gonna ask if you can get one without chrome, the answer is Nope! Order while supplies last. Thanks –

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I posted a half dozen last night and it looks like I have 3 left. High and Tight mid set foot peg mounts for your Big Twin. Made of 5/8 round stock and plate steel, Midesotas are sturdy enough for even the fattest of asses. This set up works great with your stock brake and shift set up or you can go with a simple heel shift (my personal preference). If you need classic chrome mids for your big twin, these are it. Lot of shit imitations and over engineered/overpriced garbage out there right now but this is the real thing.
Made in USA , a clean finish, available for an honest affordable price. What more do you need?20121204-080802.jpgOrder HERE.

Super Stomper™ – In Stock!

We came up with this set up about 2 years ago. This slim master cylinder and reservoir mount to your kicker cover. Designed to work with stock trans mount mid control but can also work with forwards. The setup tucks tight and discrete to the frame rail and includes everything to bolt on a go. Did we mention this thing will stop a Mac Truck? Get yours here.


Midesotas are also back in stock!