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I suck at posting stuff… I admit

Reinhart says I suck at posting stuff. He’s probably right. Screw it. I’m just busy right now man. Its summer. Im on the bike, camping, partying or working. That’s it. I’ll have time for typing when the snow falls again. In the mean time, visit my motorcycle classifieds. Put it to use. Its free and we get enough visitors that it should definitely be worth the effort. Dig it.

Pete and Zac’s Chopper Love Child!

Been a few days since I posted anything. Busy working on some video stuff from the Full Tilt marathon weekend. Will have more up soon. In the mean time, here’s a pic of some dudes bike from Full Tilt. Gator pointed it out to me. Looks like a perfect cross between both Petes and Zacs choppers. Really really weird. Someone was apparently taking notes for some time?