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Lost in WI – 2012


“Shit is crazy real in the field” – Wu Tang Clan
Speed Club in WI about 3 years ago. – photo by Joe “MAMA” Mustari

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New Kevin at the Temple

Ladies, this fine fellow is on the look out for another babies mama. To contact him, please google “new kevin or dog puke.” Also – you can check him out in the current issue of Show Class Magazine.

The love of a good woman…

is hard to come by. Me personally… I like my women tough. Im hard headed, impulsive, and obsessive so any woman that marries me has gotta know how to communicate in a way that I can understand. Love ya Mama!

Your Options:
1. Make Dinner

2. Calm your son who has been freaking out
3. Shove that bike up your ass before I do

24 Days till CHOPOUT

Tell your mama. Midwest weather has finally started to break. We’re getting nights in the 50’s and days in the 80’s. Perfect Cycle/Camp weather. Here’s a little video clip put together from way early in the season when me and RL went out to scout a few possible routes. It was like late April/Early May or something. Temp never broke 55 degrees but it was a great time. CHOPOUT 2010 – SEPTEMBER 18TH. Be there. Bring a friend.

Rip Shred Tear – trailer from Cycle Zombies

NO idea what the Cycle Zombie tards are up to but looks like a really fun ride. I actually read somewhere that this film was part of next years Canes Film Festival. Also I read that they got the motorcycle mama lady from “surf nazi’s must die” to make some weird special appearance as a ranch owner or something??? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Rip Shred Tear Trailer from Madison Dyer on Vimeo.