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Show Class Party – this weekend

I cant say I know all parties involved on the Show Class scene. But, from the folks I do know. The magazine, concept, and style are definitely on the level. Check ’em out. Subscribe. Dig it.

Satan’s Chariot

Killing time waiting for the fellas to show up. Got a nice little pic of Satan’s Chariot (a.k.a “Beelzebub’s Vibrator”). Nothing but an iPhone camera and my motion sensor light from the garage. It was seriously looking like some kind of magazine spread shit or something. Rode out last night for a while. Cold as ever. Stopped by the Temple to catch up with folks. Looks like a lot of new stuff is coming out of that shop next year. Minnesota is where it’s at. Dig it. Support your local chopper blog. Visit our booth at Sundays Viking Swap on the Fairgrounds.



the Kingdom of Diamond Dave

Much thanks and appreciation to Diamond Dave who was kind enough to let me stop by his garage last night for some much needed advise and inspiration. Dave’s a real cool fella. He’s got style and an endless stash of killer chopper parts. He knows his sh*t and is willing to share some knowledge. All you gotta do is listen. That’s good people.

Click here to check out some photos of Dave’s garage scene shot by Josh Kurpius from Kemosabe and the Lodge

photo by Josh Kurpius

Found Motorbilia – Vintage Indian Ad

Sitting on the toilet flipping through some old tractor magazine I found in Stillwater last year. I came across this goofy ass old Indian motorcycles ad. “Worlds Finest Motorcycle” straight out of Springfield MA! Dig it.

Slim Fab

This guy has been around for some time now. I remember first hearing about him through researching the crazy ass trike pictured below. And later, seeing him turn up in a cycle magazine I found at a grocery store. This guy is all about custom fabrication of metric 2-strokes. Slim has some serious skill and imagination. Everything he turns out has his style (and name) all over it. Literally. Dig it – Speed Club Approved. Check out his chop blog too.