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Church of Choppers

In case it isn’t clear… I had a damn ball last weekend at the Kung Fu – Dice – COC – Iowa party. To top it off, someone from COC was cool enough to post a pic of me on the love whip to the church of choppers site! That’s some Icing on the cake kinda shit!  Much love and appreciation goes out to the Church. Dig it.

Death to Formality

Our kickstarter project didnt reach its funding goal. Bummer but fuck it. It’s tough to be bummed when we’re only a couple weeks away from BornFree. We still managed to scrape up enough extra $$ to get our asses there and back with a camera in hand and that’s all it really takes.

So death to formality and on with the show! We got us a new camera and we’re working on all the other loose ends. Stay tuned. Here’s a quick peek at where I’m at on the Love Whip.

The Love Whip

Almost ready for the road. Worked on the love whip over the entire weekend. Smoothed out a couple dings in the tank, cut down the bar ends, and I got that sweet FMA stack mounted but I still wanst able to get everything knocked out. Need to clean up those damn cables and I’m starting to consider maybe some rippled pipes to finish it off. Paint on Friday – On the road next week!