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Vern’s Triumph Speed Triple

My neighbor Vern’s got this really great Triumph Speed Triple. I’ve always been a sucker for those single sided swing arms and that straight out of the showroom street fighter look. Gotta admit, Triumph motorcycles have got style. Since year one, these bikes have definied cool in so many ways. Snapped this photo out at the bike shop a month back. Just found it in my phone and thought it would make a nice addition to the chopper blog. Dig it.

Kemosabe and the Lodge II

Great little video. Kinda odd music but I’m not judging. Have a look/listen for yourself. There’s more out there if you do a little soul searching. Dig it. Speed Club Approved. Welcome to the chopper blog.

Speed Club Garage – Eric’s XS in Minneapolis

Swung by Minneapolis yesterday to visit Eric and to take a look at his XS650 bar hopper. It’s definitely a build in progress and it looks like we’re going to be taking it in at the Speed Club Garage for the next few weeks. There are all sorts of odds and ends to button up but in the end we’ll be looking at one slick little bobber. He’s already set up his 100% CUSTOM FABRICATED hardtail frame including an FX front end w/ 21″ whitewalls and Harley 16″ spoke rear wheel w/ hydro banana caliper. I dont know the neck rake but the thing looks fast just sitting on the kick stand. Not many pics yet but we’ll definitely get some posted as the project progresses. Maybe we’ll snag a little video too? Check back often for more from the Speed Club Garage on the chopper blog.